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A Craving in L.A.

In Development

A Vampire Story like no other!

A love triangle w/ a "female Dracula"...

Vagabond vampires... Gritty Los Angeles setting...

Young familiar cast... Thrills... Romance... Scares... 


Crimson Wing Films is a successful film production company seeking to fund a portion of its next feature-length film A Craving In L.A., a vampire horror story based off a well-reviewed, top shelf script. 


The total budget for the entire production (including pre- and post- work) is $2.5 Million. Once this film has at least 60% in collateral (via equity financing and crowdfunding via indiegogo),  the rest of the film will secure financing through foreign and domestic pre-sales, subsidies and other methods using our relationships with other companies and distributors.


Unlike a big movie studio, we believe in

transparency with your money!


What do we mean? All funds will be put into an escrow fund until we are ready to begin pre-production. Once money is taken from this fund for the production, you will be notified!


The film will be produced on budget and on schedule as assured by a completion bond. Bottom line, unlike a big studio, you'll know where your money is going! Contact us for the business plan, script, budget, etc.


                     Contact us now!




                           Robert Hamilton - The Director 





Robert Hamilton is our award-winning director with two completed horror features under his belt. The first is a micro-budgeted feature called Key. It has been in worldwide distribution with Osiris Entertainment since 2012. The second, The Suffering, is currently negotiating a number of domestic offers with international distribution still to come. It is a character driven horror film with some excellent performances. Check out the trailer for The Sufferingbelow! Read more about Rob on and his site:

J.R. Sawyers - Producer and Writer


Owner of Crimson Wing Films, J.R.'s most recent success was producing and directing the highly reviewed micro-budgeted indie feature film, N​erve.

Nerve can be viewed on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and much more. Read more about him on and at Most recently, J.R. was the head segment producer for the 1st season of the talk-show Wake Up!


Pamela Griner - Production Manager


Pamela Louise Griner is currently an independent producer and the owner of Bullfish Pictures LLC. She is known for her work as a production manager on Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery ​(1997) and Christopher Guest films A​ Mighty Wind (2003) and F​or Your Consideration (2006)​.



Recovering heroin addict GUY is bitten by a vampire, resulting in a crippling craving for blood now replacing the drugs. When ancient vampire queen AVA sets her sights on Guy's former wife STEPHANIE, Guy is forced to fight his new addiction and protect the woman he still loves before it's too late.



For our film, the following selections represent a portion of the talent in which a hired Casting Director will perform the casting for. The Casting Director along with the director and producers will work to insure the best quality talent for the best possible value.


Ben Feldman (M​ad Men)​, Rami Malek (S​hort Term 12)​, Aaron Paul (B​reaking Bad)​, Matthew Gray Gubler (C​riminal Minds)​, Ben Foster (3​:10 to Yuma)​, Kat Dennings (T​hor)​, Jenna Coleman (D​octor Who)​, Juno Temple (T​he Dark Knight Rises)​, Genesis Rodriguez (T​usk)​, Iwan Rheon (G​ame of Thrones)​, Harry Lloyd (G​ame of Thrones)​, Taye Diggs (G​o)​, Dylan Moran (S​haun of the Dead)​, Matt Smith (D​octor Who)​, Alexandra Daddario (S​an Andreas)​, Rose Leslie (G​ame of Thrones)​, Jena Malone (H​unger Games)​, Laura Prepon (T​hat 70’s Show)​, Julia Stiles (T​he Bourne Ultimatum)​, Evan Rachel Wood (T​he Wrestler)​, Emily Deschanel (B​ones) ​and much more! 


Familiar "name" actors will be essential to bring the lead characters to life. Not just because of their acting ability, but because "name" actors bring a much larger global audience to our film.


For more names (favorites from TV and movies) or to make your own suggestions, contact us!


Contact us now!




-- In 2017, J.R. Sawyers began developing the screenplay for A Craving in L.A. After 4 years of rewrites, snippets of professional coverage include: 

"A unique energy amongst vampire films."

- The Black List at & 

"Lean, well written tale." - Script P.I.M.P.

-- October 2018, Pamela Louise Griner is hired to create the budget for the film. She also agrees to be the line producer. Some of her past work includes: 

A​ustin Powers: International Man of Mystery ​(1997) and Christopher Guest films A​ Mighty Wind (2003) and F​or Your Consideration (2006). 


-- November 2018, Xavier Taboada, a distribution analytics manager for Redbox agrees to come on board as a consultant to get the biggest audience for our film in distribution.


-- As more funds come in, we will be allowed to name our other partners and sponsors. Not to mention, cast and announce the acting talent!  

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