A Trip Elsewhere

In Pre-Production

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A Psychedelic Journey Like No Other!

"Inception" Meets "The Big Chill"...

A Timely Story for this Era...... Fantastic settings...

Talented cast... Beautiful visuals... Humor... Thrills... Drama... 

Crimson Wing Films is a successful film production company seeking to fund a portion of its next feature-length film A Trip Elsewhere, an engaging drama/comedy based off a well-reviewed, top shelf script. Contact us to invest and be a producer.

Unlike a big movie studio, we believe in

transparency with your money!

What do we mean? All funds will be put into an escrow fund until we are ready to begin production. Once money is taken from this fund for the production, you will be notified!

The film will be produced on budget and on schedule as assured by a completion bond. Bottom line, unlike a big studio, you'll know where your money is going! Contact us for the business plan, script, budget, etc.


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During the Covid-19 pandemic, four anxious strangers overdose on LSD, catapulting them into a shared psychedelic dream where they must find solace and redemption before they can return to the real world.



The film is about four troubled, anxious strangers (a paramedic, a film producer, a waitress and a programmer) who find themselves in a LSD trip to end all LSD trips. What was meant to be a short, afternoon journey becomes a record-breaking overdose, resulting in them entering a coma. Each of them share each other's psychedelic dreams, where they must find solace and redemption before they can return to the real world.


For more information, like who we're seeking to play the characters of the film, contact us!


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