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J.R. Sawyers

Born: New York City

School: Rutgers University

Full Credits on IMDB Page

I have obtained extensive, working experience in every facet of the film industry from preproduction to distribution. Even marketing. How?


Script Development: Besides having been a script reader for New FIlms International and VMI Worldwide, I've also been a screenwriter. My second screenplay ever was a Scriptalooza Contest finalist.


Pre-production: Besides casting and location scouting, there's a lot of paperwork when preparing to shoot a film. I've had to do it all for several films, including the feature length movie "Nerve".


Production: I've directed several films, including a successful feature length movie called "Nerve", currently on iTunes and Google Play.


Post-Production: Using Final Cut Studio and other software, I've edited, color corrected and audio corrected a myriad of different projects, including several short films, acting reels, a few documentaries and the feature "Nerve".


Distribution: I've worked with many notable films sales rep companies. This includes New Films International, VMI Worldwide and House of Film. I also assisted these companies at the American Film Market in 2013 and 2014. Through these companies, I gained valuable insight into the many aspects of domestic and international distribution. I also have distributed content on Google Play, Amazon & iTunes.


Marketing: Besides using social media networks to promote "Nerve" and other projects, I'm also a project manager for graphic design studio, Vibe Makers. Together, designer Nina Dior and I have created countless posters and other forms of key art to market the films of many independent filmmakers.


What I can do for you!

Simply put, my job is to solve your problems before they exist. I organize your project so that it's completed on time and under budget, with the best possible quality. With my knowledge and experience, I know how to stretch a dollar while keeping the quality of work at top-shelf level. It helps that I have close relationships with many talented crew and personnel. 


We can start from scratch or pick up where you left off. Either way, it's about visualizing where the film needs to end up and then working backwards by breaking the process down. 


After all, when making a film, careful planning is always important. Any misstep can cost you thousands if not millions depending on the size of your project.



Here's some of the details of what I do


-Create full budget breakdown

-Create a shooting schedule

-Oversee casting

-Scouting and securing locations

-Securing film insurance

-Getting permits

-Oversee website creation, facebook page, twitter, etc.

-Design movie poster and other advertising artwork

-Assemble a professional crew, including catering

-Maintain a robust working chemistry among the production crew and cast

-Create and administer callsheets

-Manage SAG-AFTRA and nonunion paperwork

-Strategize planning for both festivals & releases

-Present the finished project to buyers and distributors at markets

-Negotiate distribution agreements


-If you need financing, I may be able to help you as well. Though I'll need to be more selective based on the commerical prospects of your film, including any name talent you may have attached.




My rate is negotiable. It depends on several factors, including your total funded budget, the level of my involvement, and whether it's a short film or a feature-length film.


Lowest rate begins at $200/day. However, contractual rates or back-end deals can always be negotiated to lessen upfront costs. 


Feel free to email me at

As a movie nerd myself, it's always fun to become an instant fan at what others are passionate about. 

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