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Only Gods and the Dead

In Development

Images Used for Demonstration Purposes Only.

We are currently seeking:

DIRECTOR with credentials and relative genre experience.

ACTORS for the lead roles. Must be recognizable name talent.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS. Finder's fee is negotiable.

INVESTORS. Credits and Profit sharing is negotiable.

PRODUCING PARTNER. Relative experience is a must.

- Letters of Intent will be administered.

-Produced by J.R. Sawyers [Nerve (2011)]



Check out this pitch T R A I L E R


For Demonstration Purposes Only. This "fake trailer" was made using clips and music from other movies we do not own. Clips were chosen based on their visuals and not by who is in them.



Most of Only Gods and the Dead takes place at a gothic mansion on the night of a rare lunar eclipse. It's a beautiful, dark and strange place. Seven interesting people are there dining and drinking, hopeful to see this eclipse. No one is who they seem to be.


The proprietor of this estate is the charismatic Shane Macy, who has been implicated in a series of occult-related disappearances. His wealth, his health and his impunity come from the black magic he practices. Most of this congregation are his followers, there to do another powerful act of evil. An act that can only be done by the assistance of a demon.


We learn another guest is Sam Dempsey. Little does anyone know, he's actually a private investigator. His purpose is to look into Shane Macy as well as protect his love interest Jacklyn Adams from the possible deadly clutches of this congregation. In addition, Sam sees an imaginary demonic mime almost everywhere he goes. For most of this story, Sam believes no one else can see this creature but him. 

Only Gods and the Dead is a thriller and mystery with supernatural scares and twists. It's ultimately about Sam's redemption. He's there to stop this evil religious cult and in the process redeem himself of a past that includes his own act of evil.

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